What WP Engine Stands For - Our Values
Thank you for everyone’s feedback on our new website, both the good and the constructive. Our team is energized by the connection that we have with our community of customers, and with WordPress as a whole. Your engagement with us is a constant reminder for us to challenge ourselves to be better each day.

This is my first blog post as WP Engine’s CEO and I wanted to humbly share with you one of our major accomplishments as a company to date: the declaration of our core values. These values reflect thoughtful, heartfelt work by our employees to answer the question: “What do we stand for?”

We wanted to put into words what we already felt about the essence of our team culture, but also stretch ourselves to reflect what we aspire to become in the future. As we wrote them out, we wanted our values to be in everyday language, not corporate speak.

It wasn’t quite enough for WP Engine’s values to strike a cord. Our values needed to elicit a “hell, yeah!” from our team, and to fill them with pride in their daily work of serving each of our customers. And since our team operates and works day in and day out as a part of a larger community of our customers, partners, friends and family, we wanted our values to resonate with each of you as well.

The WP Engine Values Are:

Do the right thing

  • When it’s right for the customer, right for the company, and you’re proud of your decision, you’ve Done The Right Thing.
  • When we’re learning from our mistakes, we’re Doing the Right Thing.
  • We Empower each other to Do The Right Thing. This means: Trust each other, Transparently share results, Forgive honest mistakes, act Ethically, demand Excellence from ourselves, and remain Accountable to each other.

Customer Inspired

  • We amaze customers with our service, expertise, and transparency.
  • We are grateful for our role in our customers’ lives, providing peace of mind, and increasing their business and reputation. We will not let them down.
  • We turn customers into advocates, earning it with every action.

Where the best get better

  • We are challenged by the most interesting and meaningful work of our careers, inspired by engaged, passionate people.
  • We celebrate successes, and nourish personal growth and leadership.
  • We support and develop each other, while not forgetting to laugh.

Built to Last

  • We choose long term investment over short­ term gain.
  • We build for growth and profitability, because financial health sustains us and ensures we’re in control of our destiny.
  • We build lasting relationships with customers, employees, and our communities, by making what’s important to them, important to us.

Aspiring to lead, Committed to give back

  • We aspire to earn a leadership position in the WordPress Community through original contribution, sharing expertise, and active participation.
  • We empower our team to lead and participate in meaningful programs in their own communities.
  • We support and engage with our local communities, changing lives, growing and thriving together.

Our values serve as a framework for how we make decisions and hold ourselves accountable. They empower each of our team members to deliver amazing customer experiences with every support ticket, every phone call, every tweet, and every WordPress site.

We are all proud to work at WP Engine and to have the opportunity to serve so many incredible customers and businesses worldwide.

We hope our values resonate with you. We will continue working hard every day to bring them to life.

Carpe diem!